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What can you do if you see your friend spinning out of control due to substance use?

Probe: Brainstorm ideas on how to keep your friend safe, including:

  • Notify a resident advisor who is equipped to address these issues.
  • Steer your friend to the counseling or health center and/or take him/her yourself!
  • Contact someone in a Recovery Community Center (if there is one on-campus), and ask for advice.
  • Volunteer to join your friend at a 12-step program meeting.
  • Help your friend connect with community resources.

How can you gain support from people around you when you’re afraid to admit that you have a problem with substances or other addictions?

Probe: Identify the resources on-campus and in the community that can help you see that you’re not alone. Brainstorm ideas, including:

  • Recovery Community Center
  • Resident Advisors
  • Online services – Faces & Voices of Recovery, National Recovery Month, National Prevention Week, etc.
  • 12-Step and other support programs
  • Other community outlets

What do you do if a friend is “in denial?”

Probe: Confirm who you can go to for help – is it a Resident Advisor or someone from the Recovery Community on- or off-campus? Whatever you do, don’t do it alone!

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